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Purchase of equipment

We are always interested in the purchase of the following equipment:
Knuckle Joint presses
Models: KB8334, KB8336, KB8338, KB8340, KB8342 etc.
Hot Forging presses “Voronezh” and “Kramatorsk”
Models: KB8540, KB8040, KB8542, KB8042, KB8544, KB8044, KB8546 etc.
Extrusions presses
Models: KB0034, KB0036, KB0038 etc.
Sheet stamping presses
ERFURT, Voronezh, RAVNE.
Trimming presses
Models: KB2534, KB2536, KB9534, KB9536, KB9538, KB9540, KB9542 etc.
Models: МА4140, М1340, М1343А, М1345А etc.
Hydraulic presses
Models: PB1339, PB1341, PB1343, PB1345 etc.
Vertical Turned lathes  
Models: 1541, 1516, 1А516, 1A525,1525, 1 М553, 1 М557, 1532, 1L532, 1А532LP, 1532Т, 1540, 1540Т, 1550,1А550, 1563, 1556, 1565, 1А563, 1580, KU-28, KU-507, KU-473, KU-64, KU-478, KU 564, KU 565, SC-27 etc., with faceplate diameter from 1000 mm to 10000 mm also RAFAMET, Niles, TITAN, TOS, BERTIEZ etc.
Horizontal boring machines
Models: 2636, 2А636, 2N636F1, 2636GF1, 2637, 2А637,2Е656, 2А656, 2657, 2А660, 2Б660, 2G660, 2651,  Skoda lathes models: W160, W200, W250 (WD, W…A, W…G, W…H, W…HNC) and other models with spindle diameter from 90 mm to 360 mm and larger (other foreign analogues are UNION, KOLB, TOS, etc.)
Heavy Turned lathes
Models: 1А660, 1А665, 1А670, 1А672, 1А675, 1А680, 1680, 1А681, 1А682, all Kramatorsk lathes marked KJ, foreign analogues POREBA, SKODA, etc.
Lengthway milling lathes
Models: 6М616, 6620, 6620U, 6662, 6672, 6625, 6625U, UF, etc. Table dimensions are from
1,6 m х 6 m.
Gear milling lathes
Models: 5К328, 53А11, 5330, 5342, 5А342, 5343, 5А343, 5343L, 5345, 5348, 5353, 5355, 5380, KU with working diameter 800 mm.,  EZS, foreign lathes MODUL, SHIEES, PHAUTER, David Brown, ZFWZ, MAAG
Gear drilling lathe
Models: 5 М150, 5V150, 5B150, 5В161, 5В161П, 51А80P, 51А125, EZ-15, EZ15В, EZ18, EZ23, EZ31, ЕV150, KSZ-52, 51А50, 51а80, 51А125, KSZ52 М19 and other models with working diameter 800 mm and larger. Lathes are manufactured by KSZ(КСЗ)
Gear planing and Gear cutting lathes
Models: 5А283, 5Е283, 5С280P, СТ280, 528С, 525
Heave Gear grinding lathes manufactured in Russia and Germany 
Models: NILES ZSTZ 800, 1000, 1250, 1600, 2000, 2500
Heavy Surface planing machine
Models: 7116, 7116Г, 7216, 7216Г, 7А116, 7228, 7B228, 7232, 7А256, 7240, and other models with table length larger than 5000 mm, and their foreign analogues.
Sheet levelling machines UBR (Germany)
Models: UBR 16×2000, 20×2500, 20×3150, 25×2500, 25×3150, 40×3150 mm




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